The Algorithm Age is here, Are you ready?

Adriane Nicol
2 min readDec 27, 2022

We have entered the Age of Algorithms.

There have been 3 Major Stages of Progress in human history. In Martin Hilbert’s 2020 study he mapped out the phases:

We are currently in the transforming information phase.

Specifically we have shifted from Communicating and Storing information to the Algorithm Age

In the Algorithm Age we use automated processes (such as AI) to change existing information into actionable knowlege

It’s no coincidence that “Data Scientist” is one of the most popular job titles listed on job search websites

However you don’t need specialized training or degrees to take advantage of the Algorithm Age

Everyday people with one person businesses are creating content,

courses and cohorts that help people change existing information into actionable knowlege

One person businesses are critical to the Algorithm Age.

Classic Capitalism required labor and large amounts of capital ($$) in order to be successful

Algorithm age businesses allow individual or small groups of people to succeed with very limited capital

An individual’s ability to package their expertise, systems, and advice into a product that they can sell on demand to anyone searching out that information is a game changer

The old career models are obsolete.

Your labor is no longer required to succeed.

Your knowledge doesn’t just have value to a corporation anymore.

Your knowledge can be easily sold to create a life of time and money freedom.

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