How to use Biorhythms to Determine Your Peak Days

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Never have a bad day again by knowing your Biorhythms

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If you aren’t familiar with Biorhythms you are missing out on a key element that can help you determine your peak days for emotional, physical, and intellectual strength. Every person’s life is on a cycle with peaks and valleys. Using formulas we can chart someone’s cycles of good and bad days. First I’m going to explain each of the biorhythm cycles and then we’ll look at the biorhythm calculator, biorhythm charts and biorhythm compatibility. Finally I will show you how you can personally chart your own biorhythms so that you can always be aware when you will have peak days so you can perform at your best.

The Physical Cycle

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The physical cycle of biorhythms is a 23 day period that focuses on health and strength. When your curve in the physical cycle is above the mid-line you will feel physically well and your body will be very resistant to illness, for example if you were to have a medical procedure you would want to do it when you are in a high cycle physically. If you are below the midpoint you might feel tired and weak or have low energy levels.

The Emotional Cycle

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The emotional cycle of biorhythms is a 28 day period that governs not only your mood but your interactions with others. When you are above your emotional mid-line you will be in a happy mood as if nothing can get you down and you will have positive interactions with others. If you are below your mid-line you might feel distracted, miserable or just a little out of sorts.

The Intellectual Cycle

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The intellectual cycle of biorhythms is a 33 day period which governs your thought processes, flow of ideas and intuition. When you are above the mid-line you will feel sharper and find concentration easier, you will also be more in tune with intuition. If you are below the mid-line then you may find it hard to make decisions or feel mentally foggy.

The Biorhythm Calculator

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Above are the actual calculations for each biorhythm cycle, as you can see the only differences in the calculation are the number of days in the cycle.

The t in the calculation represents the number of days you have been alive. To get the correct number of days you need to multiply your age by 365 and account for any leap days and of course partial years.

Click here for a personalized biorhythm calculation

Biorhythm Compatibility

It’s important not only to understand your own biorhythms but those of a partner or potential partner. When you look at your chart and theirs you want to see that you are above mid-line cycles at the same time for especially the emotional and physical cycles. If you are always in a good mood certain days but have a partner who is always in a bad mood then you are not bio- rhythmically compatible. The same goes for the physical cycles, if you are feeling good about yourself and in a great physical place but have a partner who is not then you will feel out of sync physically. By getting personalized charts for both you and your partner you can tell when you will be aligned.

What can you use personalized biorhythms for?

Biorhythms can help you in every area of your life. When is a good day to have that job interview? Are you thinking of making a big life decision when you are below the mid-line? Knowing these things can help you to make sure you are in the right mindset for things in your life.

Biorhythms are also heavily used by professional poker players and other gamblers to decide when you enter large tournaments or when are the best days to play the lottery, knowing when you are intellectually sharp can help improve your odds.

Most importantly I think all of us have had times where we felt we were performing at our best or when we fell “off” and were not quite ourselves, what if you could reliably predict when that would happen? Knowing your biorhythm charts can be an absolute game changer. Make sure to get your personalized charts today.

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